Square InstaPic for pc

Posting your pictures on social media might require you to use some cool effects on your photo and exact ratio or shape.
Square InstaPic - No crop is the perfect app for you, using this app you can convert any pictures into high quality squared shape for Instagram photo squaring or other social network. no more crop tool require.

Pimp your photos With Emoji stickers there are lots of sticker available, You can add text on your photos, enhance your picture quality with the help of Brightness, Saturation tools, even you can change your photos background. It can also arrange four photos to a square Collage.
simple but powerful app and user friendly.
Just take few step like.
1) select Grid option
2) Select photo
3) Apply background or just pimp with colored border.
4) Select sticker or just write a text on your picture.

Download square instapic for pc

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