Retrica for pc

There are lots of photo editing software around the web but if you want something which really get what you desire you must check Retrica photo editing Software. Retrica app has approximate all the necessary option which any user dream about one of the bright features Retrica camera is live preview before taking an image you can apply all filter and see that live how your picture looks after apply the certain filter on your image.
Most of the filters are free but there are some great premium filter you might consider to buy it, and good things is you can see these filter on live preview on your image before buying it.
you can also apply these filters on your existing images on your own mobile, choose your layout for making Collage and share it instantly on social media.

Retrica camera app working just like your camera app with cool filter which normally Smartphone or PC does not have it.

Some of the highlights features are,
* Hundreds of live-time filters. to see how to look your snap before taking it.
* Make perfect layout of couples of images to use Collage.
* Timer facility gives you chance to make perfect selfie.
* DSLR give your image brighter look.
* Privacy option give you security to send your confidential photo to specific friends or friends group.
* Instantly share Facebook, Instagram, twitter and various social media.
* To check all amazing filter there are option to Random Filter that apply automatically on your picture one after one to select best filter for your selfie.

Download Retrica for pc

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