PicsPlay for PC

PicsPlay is the most user friendly and Powerful editing photo software around the web for both beginners & professionals. PicsPlay's quality filters are very easy to use just few taps and your pictures get dramatically changed just like some magazine cover photos.
Although PicsPlay is an incredibly comprehensive picture editing tool but the two most unique features of PicsPlay are,
1) you can create your own effect to combine Over 200 predefine filters.
2) Temporal photographic effects where you can set a time to apply randomly variety filters that gives you an option to unlimited uses of filters.

There are variety of tools to pimp your pics i.e. text on image, painting effects, cute stamps, attractive borders and texture. Not only you can brighten your pictures by using specific feature but also can set image colors, hue and Saturation. History gives you an option to compare your original image in real time.
Some of the great features are:
* Amazing filters: Blur, ART, Vintage, Grunge, Scene, HDR, Color Splash, Beauty, Black & White.
* Global Partners of Samsung in IFA and Photokina 2012.
* Over 200 Professional filters.
* Live filter effect preview.
* Colored Curve & B&W Curve
* Lots of cool fonts, over eighty Colors & Patterns for text.
* Cute amazing stamps for your picture.
* Unique and stylish borders and you can Control roundness and thickness.
* you can Save your image with high resolutions.

Download PicsPlay for pc

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