Photo Warp for PC

With the Photo Warp application you can distort existing photos and create nice effects. you can even spoil the hole picture, upload an existing photo from the SD card or snap it directly on the Photo warp editor. Edit picture with your fingers and various given tools. For example, you distort the image horizontally or rotate an individual regions. share photo directly through social networks or send them via e-mail to your friends.

Just take any photo then warp, bend and distort it as you like. For example make photo skinner or fatter, enlarge nose or any body part which gives your photo funny effect with the help of Warp tool (drag the cursor to warp), providing even a back-to-normal brush to refine warped area.
Some Great Features:
* Pinching and Bloating tools
* The unique Reset to original brush
* Twirling tools
* different sizes and styles of Brushes.
* No loading Real*time manipulation
* Save pictures to internal or external memory
* Share online with ease

Download Photo Warp for pc

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