Lidow for PC

Lidow is one of the app that makes you addicted to use it again and again. And there is no doubt that Lidow photo editor has lots of stunning features that everyone would love to apply on images and never get bored. Unique filters that enhance your pictures visibility and gives outstanding look, like splash colors, magic blur, mirror image and make square shape etc.

Lidow: There is also a layout snap mirror grid feature that makes any pic amazingly beautiful.
Lidow prominent features:
* Upload your pics on Instagram with exact shape and size without cropping.
* Amazing layout and grid to collage your photos.
* Cool color splash effect, gives your Selfie impressive look.
* Blur effect prominent your best features and give your picture Like professional shot.
* The most hot mirror effect.
* For Brightening and balancing tones of your pictures you can use Light leak filter.
* Instant sharing on your favorite social media networks.

Download Lidow for pc

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