Facetune for PC

You ever wonder why magazines photos looks so beautiful coz lots of professional working on these photos and use some extraordinary tools to make pictures more stunning. so if you want your selfie looks amazing and stunning like magazine cover page you need Facetune. Facetune is very user friendly with powerful editing tools that enhance and perfect your every pictures or selfie.
Some basic tools which every photo need to become more beautiful and near perfect like brighten your teeth to give perfect smile, remove dark circle, emphasize your eyes, remove pimples and blemishes and remove gray hair and fill bald patches.

Facetune is a powerful photo editor which is fun to use.
Some of highlight Features:
* Smooth and enhance your skin
* chose different eye color
* Remove unwanted hairs
* Reshape jaw lines
* make as per desire cheek bones and brows
* working on nose, straighten, shorter , longer as per your need.
* change shade of blush and eyeshadow
* change volume to your lashes and shape your brows
* change your lips color.
* Focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background
* Adjust lighting or apply special effects.
* Create customized filters
* pimp your pictures with textures and customizable frames
* Flip to the photo to its mirror image

Download Facetune for pc

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