Face Changer for PC

Face Changer Editor is kind of prank game that you can change any your friends or relative photos into funny picture. This editor provides facility to change body part like nose, ear, hair of a photo and make them look fat, slim, long, short. add funny items from the library like funny glasses, moustaches, caps, teeth etc.

There are also Smudge and warp tools to make things faster and easier.
Drag and drop items on top of the photo from the given library.
you can also save the picture and share them instantly.

Download Face Changer for pc

FlagFace is the most appropriate apps for you. FlagFace converts your picture with face paint of your national flag or any country flag which you like to have.
PicsPlay is the most user friendly and Powerful editing photo software around the web for both beginners & professionals.
If you love horror funny movies then you enjoy this game as well, the difference is that you do not face stereotypical character like Monster or Zombie

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